Section_0001_Sin título-6Icon International and our renowned production services department are a talented group of professionals from all backgrounds and media professions who are accustomed to working in several languages, to tight deadlines and well within budget, on all manner of production types; big and small.

We pride ourselves on hand-picking the best team to suit any particular need, offering a complete production service from end-to-end. Our production department is made up of a dedicated, highly experienced group of passionate people, well versed in all aspects of media production; Both bi-lingual English-speaking natives and local bi-lingual Spanish/Catalan natives. Our ethos is the double negative phrase: nothing can’t be done, and our production department can take any shoot from beginning to end, guiding you through the more difficult aspects of shooting abroad.

We promise to ensure your production is transparent, expressed in your chosen language and undeniably cost effective. We have local production managers in all major cities throughout Spain and in New York City, giving you all the local knowledge your shoot will require.